Warehouse worker / part time


Persons: 24
Job begin: August 2019
Duration: Long, if person has required skills
Work time: 8-16 hours/week; 1-3  shifts

Field of business
Industry Staffing
Job description
Euro Work has been working with Arla Oy (previously lngman Oy) since 2004.

We are responsible for collecting products at Arla's warehouse. We are also responsible for the operation of the warehouse itself, including control, handling and approval of goods, shelf placement and inventory balance management. We are constantly developing our warehouse operations more efficiently and flexibly in close cooperation with the customer. Our key goal is to ensure that the right number of products is always available in stores, even if each sales day is different.

We are starting a new project from week 32 (5.8.2019), where we pack the yoghurt cans back into the sales packages ordered by the customer. This work is done once a week for 48 hours in three shifts. The length of the project is preliminary 6-12 months. Each shift is 8 hours and we have planned two groups: Group 1 (Helsinki-Vantaa) shifts are 06-14, 14-22 and 22-06 and Group 2 (Porvoo) shifts are 07-15, 15-23 and 23-07. Work is done in a cool room (+ 4 °C). Employer is arranging working clothes/shoes for workers.

There are 4 employees in each team (2 teams / shift) and we need 24 brisk packers in total.
This can be great opportunity and extra earning for: students, retirees, housewives and anyone who wants to earn extra money by doing a few shifts per month. The only prerequisite is commitment, motivation and the adoption of effective work technology.
A normal work contract includes 2 shifts (16 hours) per week, but we can also agree on one shift per week, for example.
We do an aptitude test for the task.

Salary is in accordance with SEL collective bargaining and in addition to the normal salary, evening fee (15%) 14-21 and night fee (30%) 21-06 are paid.

Transport arrangements
We’ll arrange transportation by minibus before and after all shifts to Porvoo, East Vantaa and East Helsinki areas.
EW Staffing Oy
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Pörtö 1, 01180 Kalkstrand
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