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Steward Baltic, North Seas
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Customer Cases

Euro Work Group has been offering comprehensive HR-services in  Mediterranean, between Spain and Morocco and in Middle East, Oman.

Our responsibility has not been only recruitment but European leading High Speed  shipping company FRS-Group has outsourced several duties like working agreements, payroll, crew management and ISM safety issues. Working with a professional marine crewing agency has brought concrete added value to the FRS-Group.

We improve our operation continually. We do it together with our customer and want to offer reliable service every day.

Euro Work Group is responsible for Porvoo area archipelago ferry traffic between Kalkkiranta - Pirttisaari - Bodö. We operate year-round and keep islanders connected to continent. During difficult ice conditions we operate with hovercraft.

We improve our operation continually and we want to offer reliable service to our customers every day.

Euro Work Group has been co-operating with Arla Ingman Oy Ab since 2004.

Euro Work Group has been responsible for collecting dairy products in Arla Ingman Oy Ab warehouse and responsible for duties connected to warehouse operation, like supervision, handling and acceptance of delivered goods, shelving and inventory. By close co-operation we try to constantly improve effectivity  and flexibility, because all weekdays and months are different.

Euro Work has been doing co-operation with Nordic Aluminium Oyj since 2005.

Euro Work is working intensively together with Nordic Aluminium Oyj to improve functions in different departments in Pikkala and in Nivala factories. As result of the close co-operation the way of working has been developed and effectivity improved.   

We want to continually improve our performance and we want to offer the highest  quality and reliable service to our clients.

Certified Quality

Euro Work operates in accordance to the ISO 9001 quality standard. We have been certified by DNV.

Certified Safety

Euro Work is committed to safe marine crewing based on IMO guidelines.